Monday, February 16, 2009

an irk

I don't think I am really getting across what I want out of my wedding, or at least I don't think I am sometimes. I may not really have the "vision" of what I want, but at the same time, that's part of what makes me, me. I love it when a plan comes together.

What I want is a most excellent party where people I like and love come together and share an amazing meal and then maybe dance a little after wards. I want it to be in an urban environment because really that's what I love the most. I do love me some concrete! But I want the ceremony to be in nature or at least outside. I want there to be lots of orange, green and black because those are the colors that define each of us and maybe a little blue so as to avoid the whole all hallows feel.

I want a restaurant. Not an "event space". I love restaurants. And I want a park or a rooftop and not a church.

And I want to do this wedding in a way that I don't feel horrible for spending all that money on all the crap the wedding industrial complex is trying to sell me. I've looked at all the internet has to offer and after a while it all looks the same. Each wedding is like another, even the brides blend together as one eventually.

All I want is to have my wedding be fun, maybe a little bit silly, and a little different than all the rest.