Thursday, October 8, 2009


Because the question has been asked, I thought I'd post a bit on the parking situation for the Ceremony and Reception.

There are two garages around Jessie Square Park.

Jessie Square Garage
223 Stevenson Street.
(take a left off of Third Street onto Stevenson Street)

Fifth & Mission Yerba Buena Garage
415.982.8522 x18
833 Mission Street
(between Fourth & Fifth streets)

Each will be about 3.50 for 1 hour and 7.00 for two hours of parking.

For Foreign Cinema we recommend going for the Valet Parking. It is 10.00 for the whole evening (which is a steal in San Francisco, I swear!)

There is street parking around Foreign Cinema, if you want to take your chances.

We suggest taking Public Transporation. Jessie Square Park it 2 Blocks from the Powell Street Bart/Muni Station. There will be shuttles that take you to Foreign Cinema. Bart runs until Midnight. Bart is 1.50 and Muni is 2.00 each way.

Cabs are also another option. It is about 15.00 to take four people from Foreign Cinema to the Hotel Americania.

Email if there are any other transportation questions.

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