Thursday, May 21, 2009

Wedding Songs

Well, we've got our venues (both ceremony and reception). And Gen assures me we're sending out S.T.D. cards any day now. But in the meanwhile, she asked that I set up a place online to receive song requests for the reception such that we can fill up our iPod and let it rip.

So if you have requests or suggestions for the wedding, please add a comment to this post and we'll see what we can do.


Bryn said...

For your consideration:

"Girl, You'll be a Woman Soon" -Urge Overkill (or the original Neil Diamond)<
"White Wedding" -Billy Idol
"Jane Says" -Jane's Addiction
"A Girl Like you" -Edwyn Collins
"Heart in a Cage" -The Strokes
"Woman" - Wolfmother
"The Bad Touch" -The Bloodhound Gang
"Scotty Doesn't Know" - Lustra
"Finding out True Love is Blind" -Louis XIV
"Yes I Do" -The Psychedelic Furs
"She Talks to Rainbows" -The Ramones
"I Believe in Miracles" -The Ramones
"She's the One" -The Ramones
"Never Leave" - Tal M Klein
"LA Woman" -The Doors
"Crazy Little Thing Called Love" -Queen
"Surrender" - Cheap Trick

Eugenia said...

"Nights of White Satin" Moody Blues

"California Girl"
and Music from Cyber Tribe and Dirty Vegas