Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Planning Commences

I've now finished my 2007 taxes. It took a while, but this is the problem with owning stock in a company owned by 3 separate publicly traded companies. But that's over with, my accountants seem to have done a great job (I love how easy they make things for me. Sign here. Put in envelope. Mail), and now I have a final budget for the wedding.

To that end Gen and I have started interviewing wedding planners. We met with Dream a Little Dream Events, and while we liked them a lot, I think Gen is leaning away from selecting them because she doesn't feel that our wedding will play to their strengths.

But we've got another meeting in a couple of weeks with a second planner so we'll see how it goes. Gen is saying that she wants to go through a total of at least 4 interviews with planners before we decide on anything so I'm certainly glad that we've got a year to plan it.

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