Wednesday, November 12, 2008

room service

I think that it may be premature to move the wedding outside the city. It was just me over-reacting, something that I am want to do.

Anyways, in the spirit of over-reacting, I decided that it would be a good idea to block out rooms now, at hotels that are near to where we plan on having ceremony/reception. The two that I checked out were the Mosser and the Intercontinental. I've never stayed at either and the Jr. Travel Agent in me would not allow people to stay at a place I've not set foot in.

So, I went to the Mosser first. The lobby was pretty nice, done in an urban modern deco style. The guy at the front was pretty helpful and the door guy showed me around the place. My initial impression was pretty good until I stepped off the elevator and noticed the carpet. This is key in noticing a property, see how in repair it is. So that was a strike against. The second thing was the rooms were really small, I mean really small. Did I mention they were really small? And they were a lot more than I thought they were going to be because of Oracle. Thanks guys.

The upside is that it is centrally located in SOMA and its the cheapest hotel in the area. I think I'm going to have to do more research.

The second place I checked out was the Intercontinental Hotel. I walked in and spoke with the check in guy who was less than helpful. I had to push him to get me to another check in person who finally got me the group sales person, but I had to wait like 10 minutes for that. She was really helpful and took me around to all the rooms. They were nice, but the bathrooms were dissapointing. They were standard tub/shower combos. They said they had better bathrooms, but I didn't see them. She did show me the ball room too, but I don't think its in the budget to hold the reception there.

All in all it was really depressing. So I had a chocolate chip cookie and a peppermint latte at Peet's.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Oracle and Fleet Week

So I called about information about a particular park in SF where I was thinking of having the ceremony. However I found out some particularly disturbing news.

1) That weekend is the end of fleet week. I might be having Blue Angels sonic booming my ceremony and sailors crashing my reception (though I think my maid of honor will be happy with having her pick of navy men.)

2) That is the week before the Oracle Convention, and all the rooms are booked starting from the 8th of October for people coming in for set up (and probably every single extra chair in SF will be rented to them too!)

3) Who owns the park is still in limbo, and they don't even know if it will be "finished" by then, since it's still not done.

Maybe October isn't going to work out in SF. Sonoma anyone?

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Road Trip

This past weekend Gen and I took a road trip down to L.A. to see one of her co-workers get married. (Vote no on Prop-8 BTW). This was the first wedding we've attended since getting engaged, and that has changed how I see the wedding.

Now, in addition to noticing how beautiful the brides are and how gorgeous the sunset on the beach is, I'm noticing how the planning pieces. How did they get to the ceremony? How is everyone getting to the reception? What are the contingency plans for rain?

And on the other side of the coin, I'm definitely getting a more emotional punch from the ceremony as well. Seeing how much they love each other, and how happy they are promising in front of friends and family to love each other forever, reminds me why I want to get married. Why I want to stand up and shout from the rafters "I love this woman!" loud enough for the world to hear.

So we left L.A. with some fresh ideas and some new found wisdom. And some time spent with Gen's mom, which is always fun. Now back to the planning.

Friday, October 17, 2008

I'm ready for my close up, Mr. Demille....

On my way back from class this afternoon, I happened to turn my head and see Foreign Cinema, a really nice restaurant that I've always wanted to try. They are also home to branch of Modernism, a gallery that has special meaning to us.

I'd checked them out on line shortly after we got engaged. I think I even sent a link to Keith suggesting it. However I thought that it would be prohibitively expensive, so dropped the idea.

Curiosity got the best of me so I went up to the menu outside. I then saw that the door was slightly open, so went in. Someone from the kitchen staff saw me wandering around and directed me to Janine, the private events manager. She was in some meeting but immediately dropped what she was doing to show me around.

The space was pretty amazing. It's a mix of old world rustic and modern warehouse. The Modernism room was as awesome as I thought it'd be and it has a bar on one side of it. The prices were pretty reasonable, which is different than I was lead to believe.

While it can fall within the budget, the only downside, is that we'd only be able to have about 70 people for a sit down dinner. However if we were to have heavy hors d'oeuvres we'd be able to make that 95. But it makes me feel bad to have everyone travel so far just for a cocktail party. I feel that we at least need to offer dinner! The the guest list is hovering around 100 or so, and I keep thinking of people that I've missed, I know that cutting the list is a neccessary part of planning, but I'm not quite ready for that yet.

A part of me really wants to have the reception at Foreign Cinema, but we'll see what happens.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Planning Commences

I've now finished my 2007 taxes. It took a while, but this is the problem with owning stock in a company owned by 3 separate publicly traded companies. But that's over with, my accountants seem to have done a great job (I love how easy they make things for me. Sign here. Put in envelope. Mail), and now I have a final budget for the wedding.

To that end Gen and I have started interviewing wedding planners. We met with Dream a Little Dream Events, and while we liked them a lot, I think Gen is leaning away from selecting them because she doesn't feel that our wedding will play to their strengths.

But we've got another meeting in a couple of weeks with a second planner so we'll see how it goes. Gen is saying that she wants to go through a total of at least 4 interviews with planners before we decide on anything so I'm certainly glad that we've got a year to plan it.

Monday, July 14, 2008

So when's the wedding...

Right now the wedding is in a holding pattern. We know it will be the middle of October of 2009. Planning will officially begin in Late August or Early September.

In the mean time, ideas are sort of being batted around, mostly by me. And they usually just get blank stares from the future husband (FH). I am very excited to start planning (it's what I do).

But this is what is known for sure:

Eugenia (mother of the Bride) has offered to design all of the paper goods for wedding.

Natasha (friend of the Bride) has offered to do the cake as her present to us. However being that she lives in Mexico and sometimes in Florida, I think we'll be doing cake tastings via fed ex.

But beyond that your guess is as good as mine.

Sunday, June 15, 2008


Gen and I are getting married! Woot! I thought we'ld create this page to post updates about our wedding adventures.

So here's the wedding page that Gen made on

Keith and Gen's wedding details